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Up and Down Through the Dust Bowl

By March 16 2015All stories, Videos

What’s the point of driving a van without looking for some adventures and trying new things? A good friend of mine flew from the East Coast to live the vanlife for a few days with me, and since he’s experienced in riding motorcycles, he organized a dirt bike ride in the desert! My friend Jay-P joined us as well to film and to test his skills on two wheels, neither of us having that much motorcycle experience! The dry lake is about 2 hours from Los Angeles and if you drive your van up there you can park overnight, make a fire and enjoy the sun after your day of riding.

We want to thank the Admo-Tours crew for the bikes and the training, you guys have been awesome.

Enjoy this short video of our super ride!

More pictures

A few things to know before we go.

Stay focus Jay-P!

These guys are not the Power Rangers stuntman…

Our guide Chase has been riding since he’s 5 years old, he knows how to jump!

What a great way to explore the desert.

Go-van team rider Tom going for some whoops in the mountains.