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I’ve been wanting to create a roadtrip playlist for a while now. I originally thought I would curate this mix of songs that would take you on a deep journey within yourself while you’re out there exploring the open road but the plain truth is, I LOVE music that is loud, out there, and makes me want to dance. So instead, I’ve put together the most obnoxiously eclectic playlist of songs that I like to scream at the top of my lungs when I’m driving by myself in my van. Also, I’ve never had anybody be a 100% fan of my entire library of music so if, by chance, you happen to like every single song on this playlist, email me. We should definitely be friends.

Click here to listen to my playlist, available through Spotify!

  • First Name: Katie
  • Last Name: Larsen
  • Van Type: Mercedes-Benz
  • Van Model: Sprinter
  • Van Year: 2016