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Reel N’awlins Jam Ride

By July 14 2015All stories, Videos

You probably don’t know that I was born in Louisiana (noticed my southern accent?), but lived in Montreal almost all my life. I never had the chance to go back until last April when a car company sent me over there to film a road trip. 32 years later, I was finally discovering my birth place! I was covering the New Orleans Jazz Fest and driving across the state, from the Bayou to a tiny island somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico.

Reel N'awlins Jam Ride sign

The people, food and culture are truly amazing, many surprises await around every corner. Like that night in New Orleans when we jumped in a cab and the driver started singing over a Black Eyed Peas song in a bubble mic! Obviously I’ve asked JF to film the lovely jam ride as our host Glaspar Irons, a golf teacher and an artist, really entertained us for our whole New Orleans stay…

Reel N'awlins Jam Ride sing cab

Glaspar says she starts fires within the hearts of those who are lucky enough to come across her path. Her name represents frailty, strength and a striving toward “par” or perfection. Her artist name was born through a combination of her mom’s maiden name and scripture. “As iron sharpens iron, so people can improve each other.” Proverbs 27:17. This name is a reminder for her to keep striving to be the best version herself and inspire others to do the same. 

Reel N'awlins Jam Ride tuba

Music is the heart and soul of New Orleans, and is renowned world wide for it’s Jazz Fest! Marching bands and musicians invade the streets as you exit the festival to continue the festivities throughout the night. We were lucky enough to spend some time with a few teenagers rehearsing their tunes and collecting funds for their brass band.

Reel N'awlins Jam Ride drum

Keep on playing NOLA!

Reel N'awlins Jam Ride swamp

Coming from Canada, we don’t have that many opportunities to visit the Bayou and go on an airboat ride. We went looking for some gators with our captain Craig, and of course we were blessed with the beauty of the Spanish Moss hanging from the trees…