Insulated Window Covers – Windshield


Brand: Overnight Van Supplies

Color: Black

Made in Canada

Magnetic system

If your van’s windshield needs a little extra insulation and privacy, the Sprinter Windshield Cover is designed to keep the cabin temperature comfortable and cover one of the largest windows in your van. Made of heavy-duty Ripstop fabric and four rigid fiberglass rods, it’s easy to install and holds securely in place with the sunshades. The three-season model is designed with AYR-FOIL reflective insulation in all models. The Windshield Cover is also available in a four-season model that offers superior insulation against cold and heat with an additional layer of 3M 200G Thinsulate synthetic insulation.

**Only for Ford Transit models with medium and high roof

*When buying this product, please specify if your van has a rear view mirror or not.