Book «Van Aventure»


*French only

By: Dominic Arpin

Type: Practical guide dedicated to those who love road trips.

Genre: Adventure

Number of pages: 280

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Fueled by social networks and a growing thirst for freedom, vanlife has never been so popular in Quebec and around the world. But what’s behind the beautiful Instagram filters? What are the secrets of this intriguing community?

Dominic Arpin has spent the last few years following the phenomenon closely. Here he offers a complete practical guide for all those who dream of going on an adventure in a converted van. How to choose the best vehicle? Where to sleep? What rules should you know?

The author also reveals the most beautiful places he has discovered while driving his van and presents some of the inspiring vanlifers he has met along the way.

Themes: Travel, portraits, stories, adventure
Publication date: June 2021
ISBN: 9782897611392 (Paper)
Publisher: Les éditions du journal