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New Van, New Plan

By March 23 2017All stories

With spring right around the corner, transformation seems to be a common theme. In late January I celebrated my 27th birthday by buying myself a new home…on wheels of course. For a killer deal I couldn’t pass up I found a 1989 Tiger conversion campervan right here in our town just waiting for me. Shortly after that we moved into a very nice home for a house sitting gig that would be the longest we’ve been out of the van in a year and a half. This gave us the (much needed) opportunity to clear out and deep clean Tatanka and take him to the mechanic to figure out some electrical issues. It also has given me plenty of time to deep clean, fix up and move into Teeg. Now everyone wanted to know what our plan would be with two vans.

At first I planned to build out Teeg as a mobile shop and gallery for my photography prints, while the two of us would sleep together in Tatanka until we decided what to do with that van. But life had different plans for us. After a lot of reflection and tear-filled discussion, Casey and I decided to end our relationship of three years and pursue different paths. This was a really difficult decision, but we both know in our hearts that it is for the best. Hair grows, wind blows. Shit changes and it’s up to us to recognize the shifts when they happen. So before I get too sappy, here’s the plan moving forward.

The timing of finding Teeg couldn’t have been more ideal (thank you universe). I am currently building out the bathroom with removable shelves to store my product and give me a small “gallery” on the road. Teeg is in great shape and doesn’t need much repair work, so a lot of it is just moving from one van into another and creating my own space. I plan to stick around Colorado for a few more months prepping and saving for an indefinite amount of time on the road. I am finishing self-publishing a book of my film photography which requires my physical presence here. Then come late summer I plan to hit the road solo.

All of us in this lifestyle have to get creative if we want to make money on the road, which is what I wasn’t doing on our first big trip. This past year I have been focused on that goal: making an income while traveling. Although my relationship has hit a crossroad, I am pretty excited for the upcoming plans I have for myself and Teeg. In addition to photography prints, many new items will begin to show up in the shop and I will continue to find and share inspiring stories on the blog that keep me going strong. As Dwight Shrute said, “There’s nothing on my horizon except everything. Everything is on my horizon.” I have goals, but not so much a set plan. If a year and a half of living in a van has taught me anything it is just that: it’s okay to not have a perfect plan. Just take things day by day with an open mind and see what happens. Life is not that serious.

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