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Kasha-Katuwe (Tent Rocks)

By January 29 2015All stories

Kasha-Katuwe or Tent Rocks is an American National Monument in Northern New Mexico that is cleary under estimated! Located 5 miles West of Cochiti Pueblo, it’s a great hiking spot close to Santa Fe and Albuquerque. At this surreal geologic enclave, the 6 to 7 million years old ashes from the ancient Jemez Mountain volcanoes have been sculpted into tipi-like formations that can go up to 90 feet. The trail runs between steep-sided canyons that glow a strange light orange, and the view from the top is simply breathtaking.

You’ll discover steep-sided canyons with so many colors because of the volcanic ashes

The light in the canyon is amazing at sunrise

Yep, the tent rocks can also look like giant baby-makers!

Make sure you have the proper equipment, the trail can get icy

At the top, you’ll be at 6000 feet and you’ll have an awesome view of the Pajarito Plateau