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Go-Van is a platform built by vanlifers with the goal of serving vanlifers and keeping them on the road for as long as possible.

In our efforts to do so, we focus on hiring talented digital nomads in the community for every project we touch. So this holiday season, we thought it would be fitting to curate a list of various books, jewelry, art, and more that you can gift this winter, all created by individuals who pursue the road. Many donate a portion, (or all!) of their profit to a cause – look for details with each item!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season, spent close to the ones you love and feeling inspired for the new year.

Items to Gift this Holiday season While Supporting Digital Nomads

  1. Outdoor Adventure Tote Bag by Bound For Nowhere ($22.00)

  2. Vans for Lands Sweatshirt by Vans for Lands ($49.00)

  3. “Paper Maps” – Quarterly Zine Subscription by Kit & JR of Idle Theory Bus ($32.00)

  4. The Closest Thing to Home Vinyl by Ira Wolf ($30.00)

  5. Weekday Whip Ups by Eamon & Bec ($19.95)

  6. Create Adventures T-shirt by Be Kind Vibes ($24.50)

  7. Holiday Greeting Cards – Vanlife Collection by Mike of Drawn There ($14.99)

  8. Vanlife Diaries Book: Finding Freedom on the Open Road by the Vanlife Diaries team ($25.00)

  9. Intentions Print by Latasha of Jitterbug Art ($35.00)

  10. Air Freshner Hoodie by Go-Van ($49.00)