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High Tides & Good Vibes in Nova Scotia

There’s so much to see in Nova Scotia, I had to go back to explore different areas! This time I took the 6 hour ferry from Portland ME and landed after a few pints in Yarmouth on the South West end of the peninsula. If you drive through this region, make sure to take a walk on the marina and watch the sunset in Cape Forchu.

Then I met with my friend and folk singer Ryan Cook to talk about the local music scene. He lives in his unique Toyota Gran Sport all summer playing in festival every weekend.

Lobster is obviously a huge thing for this Atlantic region, and I wanted to see what it looked like to be on one of these fishing boats. The LeBlanc brothers invited me to visit the Tusket Island where their family has been fishing for generations. I’ve never had a chowder that tasty!

The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides of the world because of its funnel shape, and there’s an impressive phenomenon I wanted to see from up close. Tidal bore happens when the tide flows upstream the affluent river, creating waves up to 15 feet. If you’re feeling adventurous you should jump on a zodiac and go for some rafting… Cape Chignecto is one of Nova Scotia well kept secret. The drive to get there is beautiful and the Provincial Park has great hikes to offer. Try to find the Three Sisters Rock, and go see Isle Haute if you want to see several seal colonies.

The Bay of Fundy is gorgeous, but even the 30 feet high tides doesn’t allow you to surf! We drove towards the coast to meet with local surfers. The forecasts were looking good…but didn’t deliver once again for us! Second year in a row, what a bummer… that’s what happens when you’re filming on the road with so many other variables involved. And of course there was a huge swell announced for the week after! We still had some fun filming Logan Landry practicing 360s as he was towed by a jetski.

One week is not enough to explore Nova Scotia, but we were fortunate to meet Will and Caro at a local campground in the 100 Wild islands. They told us about a secluded island where you could camp on a sandbar surrounded by pristine water. What a great way to end this trip, the whole thing was something I’ll never forget!

Thank you to the Nova Scotia Tourism Office and all the tour operators for having us.
Please visit their websites:
Visit Nova Scotia
Song of the Paddle
Tusket Island Tours
Tidal Bore Rafting Park
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