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273 vans and over 800 people gathered for Go-Van’s fourth annual van gathering, El Campo Van Festival, at Domaine du Radar.

We are stoked to say that this was the largest Go-Van gathering to this date! Vanlifers and van-enthusiasts came together for an epic van festival during this three-day campout. The weekend was filled with entertainment, games, and community. From competitive horseshoe to children’s shows to educational seminars, the weekend was nothing short of incredible.

el campo van festival overview

Vans gathered around the lake and beyond, while the main hub included our trailer, partners and sponsors, music stage, the bar, and more!

mobile Go-Van shop - El Campo Van Festival

Something that really sets apart El Campo Van Festival from other gatherings is the music.

We work hard to book various artists for the entire weekend. By doing so, we’re able to split up the game and seminar filled days by ending them with live performances from incredible artists. This is one of the most prominent things that sets apart this gathering from others. We also continue to strive for growing this amazing event internationally! Each year, we have more and more friends from all over the world attend El Campo van festival, and we hope to see even more of that next year.

man singing with guitar - El Campo Van Festival

Artists at the festival included Clay and Friends, Anthony Roberge, Dave Pozay, and more!

Friends even picked up instruments around the campfire for their own little jam session.

Each year, we put forth major efforts to grow the event in various inclusive and welcoming ways.

Last year, a new overloading section was added, as well as a tent campground for van-enthusiasts. The village of parked vans includes various groups, playing music and enjoying potluck-style meals together. This year, they even added a skoolie parking section, which was paired with a “how-to” skoolie guide class on Saturday. All of these add-ons are extremely important to keep festivals welcoming to everybody, no matter their form of road travel.

main group hangout - El Campo Van Festival

group of friends - El Campo Van Festival

There were fun games, children’s shows, yoga, competitions, and more!

Entertainment was provided for everybody of all ages and interests. There was swimming, paddle boarding, horseshoes, yoga classes, and even a potluck dinner.

man playing horseshoe - El Campo Van Festival

kids watching program - El Campo Van Festival
kids playing together - El Campo Van Festival

Each day was kicked off with hot coffee and yoga sessions!

group yoga session - El Campo Van Festival

girl doing yoga - El Campo Van Festival

Go-Van x Escape coffee - El Campo Van Festival

We believe that community events are important.

As a community-based platform, we strive to host a van festival that welcomes everybody and encourages attendees to arrive as individuals but leave as family. We believe that the following photos represent what we here at Go-Van believe a beautiful and connective weekend should look like! We can’t wait to see you all next year!

Photos by Jef A of @vanlife_qc, Phil Lavoie of @phillavoie__, and Karolina Krupa of @karolinakk

two men celebrating - El Campo Van Festival

friends by VW buses - El Campo Van Festival

full bike rack on van - El Campo Van Festival