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Every change of season brings its own surprises!

With the arrival of fall, we’re swapping paddle boards and sun hats for candles and slippers. There’s no better way to make the most of this colorful season than in a well-equipped van! Discover our 7 favorite accessories for a cozy fall season in a van.

vanlife yukon en automne

1. The famous Napsack

If you know us at all, you realize that as soon as the weather turns cooler in the evening, there’s a 100% chance we’ll find ourselves in our Napsack! Gone are the mornings when you have to set aside an hour to get out of your sleeping bag and start the day. All you have to do is stay in your Napsack to keep warm, wherever you are.

napsack go-van wearable sleeping bag

2. Plenty of warm clothes

To fully enjoy an autumn day outside, it’s important to dress appropriately. We recommend bringing the right clothing to both stay warm and embrace the vibrant season. Our personal favorites include the Billion Star Hotel hoodie and the burnt-orange Go-Van beanie.

hoodie billion star hotel - accessoires automne cozy en van

3. A small portable fireplace

We would love to spend our evenings around a fire, but not all van campsites have fire pits. Luckily, this portable fire pit allows us to burn some logs wherever we are. We just need to bring out the guitar, marshmallows, and Celebration cookies for a perfect and cozy fall season in the van.

famille avec foyer portatif pour camping et vanlife

4. The classic Omnia oven

During the colder and shorter days, many of us crave a nice and warm meal. The Omnia oven is the perfect accessory to accomplish this! People often wonder what you can cook in it, but the possibilities are endless! Lasagne, risotto, chicken drumsticks, banana bread, tagine, chocolate cake… It’s everything you need for a comforting meal on the road.

four omnia pour van - accessoires automne cozy en van

5. Four seasons slippers

Time to put away the Crocs or sandals and break out the slippers! It’s best to have a well-insulated pair to cut the cold coming from the van floor. For the past few years, North Face slippers have been the only choice! The rubber sole is perfect for walking both inside and outside the van, a combo we couldn’t live without.

pantoufles north face - accessoires automne cozy en van

6. Our Go-Van blankets

There’s no better feeling than wrapping up in a blanket with a cup of hot tea to enjoy a cozy fall season in your van. That’s why our Go-Van blankets are a must for your road trips! Simply choose the model that best matches the style of your van, then wrap yourself in it like a little burrito for the ultimate comfort.

couvertures go-van - accessoires automne cozy en van

7. Insulated window covers

Everyone knows that windows are the main source of heat loss in a van at night. To avoid waking up feeling freezing cold, it’s important to have good quality window coverings. Overnight Van Supplies offers insulated covers that are suitable for all four seasons. They fit securely over the windows, minimizing heat transfer. These are essential during the colder months!

couvre-fenêtres isolées pour vanlife