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11 Riders, 400 Miles, 1 Westfalia

By January 10 2015All stories

Bike crews from NYC and Montreal challenged themselves to ride the 400 miles between both cities in 4 days! For those who haven’t seen this epic run, saddle for the ride and get ready to feel some pain while discovering inspiring landscapes… Talking about pain, the 11 riders from Chalet Magazine, The Starley Rover Society and Vélo iBike could count on the support of the loyal iBike Westfalia 1977 bus if anything happened along the way! See below some pictures of this adventure! Full documentary at the bottom.

Spoke cards for the trip designed by Romain Albertini.

Day 1 – lets get out of this big apple and on to some open road!

Mr. James Stevens leaning on the West YO

Just like the Westfalia, Mr. Vince Malo looks good in pictures even when they’re taking from his bad side.

Mr. Danny Taillon hit the pavement face first at the bottom of a long hill.  When riding fixed gear taking your feet off the pedals for the down hill sections saves a lot of energy over the course of a long trip.  However,no feet on the pedals significantly increases the chance of trouble.

The ride between NYC and MTL is full of beauty!

If you are not lucky enough to be riding your bike on an adventure then you should hope to be lucky enough to enjoy cruising speeds in a Westfalia.

The 10 minute documentary! Definitely worth your time.