Live Small x Stay Rad Crewneck – Navy & Gold


Brand: Go-Van

Cotton and polyester blend
Regular fit

Model is 6’ (180 cm) and wears a large

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Live Small x Stay Rad Crewneck (Navy/Gold) from Kevin Butler. Who doesn’t dream about a rad car to carry his surfboards on top? This is why we teamed up with California based artist Kevin Butler (@kbut) for this comfy crewneck. A gold print on a navy crewneck of a Dodge Travco with a longboard on top. This limited edition collab sweater will keep you warm and cozy when the ocean breeze comes in!

More about the artist:
Rad Cars with Rad Surfboards is the brainchild of artist/surfer Kevin Butler. Over the past eight years he has drawn or painted over 500 different Rad Cars with Rad Surfboards.

We did an interview with him too, here’s a little more about him:

Hi there Kevin! Please introduce yourself and tell us why you do, what you do!

My name is Kevin Butler. When I’m not surfing or skateboarding with my son, I draw rad cars with rad surfboards on them. I’ve drawn nearly 400 and not slowing down anytime soon.

Burritos or Tacos?! I feel like we can only truly know you once we have the answer to this question!

Burritos all day long. If it were up to me, I’d only eat burritos.

You seem to have an interest in vans, buses, and other rad rigs. What are you driving these days?

I just sold my 84 VW Westfalia Camper van. I am on the hunt for a pre-1978 VW panel van. They are hard to find.

kevin butler

Can you describe the time you first realized that illustration was the name of your game?

I think I just realized it with these questions. No, kidding. I went to art school and illustration was my first major. (I had a few). I’ve always loved to draw. I think my favorite part is being able to go from nothing to something in one sitting. I painted, did ceramics, all kinds of stuff and I never liked having to leave the work and come back.

Read the full  interview  here.

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