Insulated Window Covers – Front Cab


Brand: Overnight Van Supplies

Color: Black

Made in Canada

Magnetic system

Insulate three windows instead of one! This Insulated Window Covering Kit includes two thermally insulated curtains for the two front cab windows and the windshield. Made of heavy-duty Ripstop fabric and four rigid fiberglass rods, the windshield shade is easy to install and holds securely in place. Need to optimize airflow in the vehicle? Opt for the addition of a screen for the front door windows. The three window coverings are insulated with AYR-FOIL reflective insulation and the four-season model offer superior insulation with an additional layer of Thisulate 3M 200G insulation.

**Only for Ford Transit models with medium and high roof

*When buying this product, please specify if your van has a rear view mirror or not.