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The 5 Best Reasons to Have a Security Camera as a Vanlife Accessory

Security is one of the aspects that shouldn’t be forgotten or overlooked when choosing to…

Lithium batteries: don’t buy just anything

L'accès à source d'énergie fiable est devenue un must pour la van life. Découvrez les…

Off-Grid Adventures on the Southern Vancouver Island

Our guide to exploring the Southern Vancouver Island during our latest off-grid adventures, powered by…

VOSKER V200: Protecting your Home on Wheels

We review a dual-purpose monitoring system, the VOSKER V200, perfect for security, and to help…

weBoost Drive Reach Review

A tried and true honest gear review of the weBoost Drive Reach, based on the…

Hipcamp Glamping Weekend Extravaganza

Our experience staying two nights in an African Safari Eco-Tent and a lovely Tiny House,…

Going up the Coast with Harvest Hosts

Planning the itinerary is always key to a great road trip. This time around, we…

Inside and Out New Hampshire

As a surfer who grew up in Quebec, I've mostly known New Hampshire as a…

Cruising Down La Route Des Navigateurs

Go-van Road trip on the Route des Navigateurs means having your breath taken away by…

Living the Van Life in La Belle Province

Numerous genuine encounters make every road trip unforgettable. In the summer of 2017 Go-Van traveled…

Friendly Manitoba

Being surrounded by 400 million english speakers, we often forget that other french speaking communities…

Wild Wild Alberta

Alberta is a famous destination for vanlifers in the summer. It was my first time…

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