Meet a Vandweller : Justin credible Leigh

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Justin Credible Leigh lives on and off his van since 16 years. He does it because it doesn’t make sense for him to pay a rent or morgage until you’re too old to enjoy life! If you don’t know him, you’ll notice he’s not the usual type of vandweller, with his stripper pole in his van! Here’s a little more about him.

Where is your home town?

VANcouver, BC

Which vessel are you driving?

1998 Xplorer 21′ Class B widebody on a Ram 3500 chassis.

How many miles/km did you put on your van since you got it?

20,000 km.

What’s the best thing about the van life for you?


What do you do for a living, and which job did you quit for this new lifestyle?

I work in sales, but hopefully not for long as I’m transitioning to making a full time income online via my van life YouTube channel and merchandise.

Your favorite spot where you ever stayed at?

At the bottom of the ski slopes!

Do you pick up hitch hikers? Any funny story about that?

Quite often, as I attend many music festivals. Nothing funny to report, just awesome friendships because of it.

What’s your favorite item you always keep with you when you’re in the van?

Well, I mean, I keep everything I own with me in my van so I’m not sure. My hat. And the removable stripper pole, for sure.

What is the best road trip itinerary that’s on your mind?

North America loop, starting from Vancouver, dwn the west coast, across to the east coast, back up north and straight across Canada.

What would look like the van of your dream?

I’m living in it!

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