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Meet a Van dweller : Exploring Alternatives

By March 30 2015All stories

Two years ago, Mat and Danielle decided to simplify their lives. These two Canadians are exploring minimalism, long-term traveling, positive thinking, healthy eating, living in a van and all sorts of other exciting things that allow them to make their dream come true!

Mat is a talented visual artist managing to work by internet and Danielle quit a clerical day job in OttawaThey both feel like they won some kind of reverse lottery since they began living with less. If you’re thinking of doing the same thing, take a look at these videos showing some tips from their experiences.

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Meet Mat and Danielle.


Downsizing and getting rid of excess stuff.

How to save money and time.

Find out if you can live in a small space.

The van, a 2002 Ford E-150

Inside the van.

Great double bed and lighting!

A tour of their minimalist campervan.

Ready for the next adventure!